Our Mission

Our Company

It has been barely one year since our establishment, yet today LUBETRON is already a recognised key player in the petroleum industry LUBETRON is a 100% wholly owned Malaysian company with principal activities in the design and development of top quality and high performance automotive, industrial and specialty lubricants and other petroleum derivatives.

Today, our clientele list boasts of multinational companies both local and international, proving over and over again that LUBETRON is the top choice of the industry.

LUBETRON is a brand highly specialized in formulations and applications. Frequently, LUBETRON services and lubricants are sought when expert advice is being called upon. Its product diversity is immense and highly effective, thus posing as an edge in out-performing comparable specialty and synthetic of others.

When the added observation that our local lubrication sales executive to end-users are often conducted in the field, it resulted in an in-depth understanding of machinery, application approaches and other professional advice, further enhancing LUBETRON to end-users’ right and interest.

Lack of adequate awareness and understanding, improper application and poor alternatives to available products are surprisingly rampant. Such regression inadvertently compromises on end-users productivity. So, at LUBETRON, we carry a service-orientated strategy to further enhance Total Customer Satisfaction.

With direct liaison between us and customer, immediate and adequate tie serve as additional draw in improving formulator / user-relationship. Tangible and immediate technical supports are locally available in meeting any urgency. Stocks of essential products are being maintained locally to meet immediate delivery. User confidence would further enhance with the procedure observation by our technical personnel working hand-in-hand with customers.


At LUBETRON, we strive to be recognised in the industry for our:-

  • Dedication to research and development
  • Priority in meeting our customers' needs & satisfaction
  • Development of innovative ideas
  • Quality of products and service

OUR Mission


  • To put our customers' satisfaction above and beyond all else
  • To deliver only the highest quality of products
  • To be recognised in the region as the leading blender and distributor of synthetic and speciality lubricants.


  • We will consistently provides advanced technical expertise and highly graded lubricants in the complex field of petroleum .
  • We will strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing a superior level of products and services through consistent growth of knowledge and resources.
  • We will endeavour to consistently monitor new developments and products in industry in order to provide proper technical solutions to meet out client's needs.
  • We will retain talented people, acquire the necessary resources, develop vital support relationships and provide on going training to ensure our customers timely delivery of products and services at a fair price.


  • To be a leading name in the international petroleum industry
  • To be the undisputed premier manufacturer of electrical and lubricating oils in the region