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Air Tool Oils

LUBETRON ATO - 46 . ATO - 100 . ATO - 150 . ATO - 320
  • High quality Air-Tool oils for use in all kind of percussion-type air tools, including rock drills, which is formulated to have good EP and adhesive properties, it also have good emulsion and anti-foam characteristics to protect against rusting and resist water washing. And yet, it contains a special anti-misting additive to minimize oil in air exhausts.
  • Maximizes the working life of equipment due to its excellent EP and antiwar properties
  • Protects drill surfaces operating in wet conditions by forming a strongly adhering lubricant film which resist water wash-off.
  • Protects against rust
  • Helps prevent sluggish valve action by resisting formation of sludge and deposits
  • Provides easy control of oil feed to the tool by
  • Resisting foaming in air-line lubricators
  • Improves working environment by minimizing oil fog formation in equipment exhausts.
  • Lubetron ATF-III Automatic Transmission Fluids is an approved high quality fluid, compounded with additives and dispersants according to requirement of General Motor and Ford Marcon, which provides long transmission life and smooth shift performance.
  • ATF III automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is a friction-modified fluid designed to ensures smooth shifting performance through correct frictional properties transmission for which ATF fluids are required or permitted.
  • These fluids contain an unique sustains to protect against transmission malfunction (foaming creation), transmission wear and rust and corrosion; especially corrosion on all metals used in transmission components and oil coolers operated under severe operation conditions.
  • Unlike other conventional ATF, this lube has an excellent low-temperature fluidity characteristic to protect equipment even under a very cold operation/cold start.